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Books published by the Bulloch County Historical Society.

The Hodges Family Murders & The Lynching of Paul Reed and Will Cato

Bulloch County Historical Society, Clock Tower Series

Copyright 2018

by Clem Charlton Monseley, Ph.D. (Author), Jenny Starling Foss (Editor)

"This is a straightforward, compelling account of a disturbing tragedy. Dr. Moseley unflinchingly reports the ugly facts without embroidering or sugar coating the details. He has shared an unsettling story that needs to be told." —W. Bede Mitchell, Ed.D

"I first learned of this incident while researching my grandmother's family after she died. At the time, we had no idea that this tragedy happened to my grandmother's father, Will Cato. It was not talked about in our family. At this stage, knowing that research has been done and the story is being told is a good thing. I am thankful the Historical Society chose to include information on the Cato family's descendants in the telling of this terrible story and I am grateful that this tragedy is being brought to light. —Marian McKenzie, Great-Granddaughter of Will Cato

Life in old Bulloch: The Story of a Wiregrass County in Georgia — 1796-1940

Statesboro Regional Library

January 1, 1992

by Dorothy Brannen (Author)

This account of life in Bulloch County from the earliest days of white settlement until 1940 is taken mainly from the local newspapers of the period. Most of the information comes from The Statesboro Eagle, The Bulloch Times, the first Bulloch Herald, and The Statesboro News. Much information was obtained from Statesboro: A Century of Progress, 1866-1966, compiled from the old papers by Leodel and G.C. Coleman, editors of the second Bulloch Herald. These early journalists were good writers and I have used their exact words as much as possible. They have an immediacy and feeling that nay paraphrase of mine would fail to achieve. I have tried not to repeat information covered in Brooks and Leodel Coleman’s Story of Bulloch County, but of course there is some overlapping. In the first part of this story of Bulloch County the life of the people is shown mostly by the reminiscences of events experiences by the writers or by stories handed down in their families. There were no newspapers to record events in Bulloch until 1877, and only a few copies of the papers printed at Excelsior have survived. Most of the reminiscences recorded here were published in the Statesboro newspapers during the 1890s and 1900s. The section on the organization of the new county and the early courts and militia districts comes from notes made by Brooks and Leodel Coleman from the records of the legislature and the minutes of the Bulloch County Court.

Statistics of the State of Georgia

Book on Demand Ltd.

September 9, 2013

by George White (Author)

Statistics of the State of Georgia including an account of its natural, civil, and ecclesiastical history together with a particular description of each county, notices of the manners and customs of its aboriginal tribes, and a correct map of the state This book, “Statistics of the state of Georgia”, by George White, is a replication of a book originally published before 1849. It has been restored by human beings, page by page, so that you may enjoy it in a form as close to the original as possible.

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