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Historical Markers

Harville House

Location: Harville Road, just north of G.W. Oliver Road, Statesboro, Georgia (on Private Property).

County: Bulloch

Coordinates: 32.32361666, -81.77541666

Dedicated: March 13, 2013

Marker Type: Bulloch County Historical Society



     Samuel Winkler Harville purchased this 754-acre farm in 1862. Born on December 17, 1826, Harville was one of the two delegates Bulloch County sent to the 1861 Secession Convention in Milledgeville. He voted for Georgia to secede from the Union.


     Samuel’s son, Keebler Henry Harville, purchased the property and built the Harville House as a one-story house around 1894. The second story was added ten years later resulting in a total of 14 rooms to accommodate a growing family. The vernacular architectural features of the house were inspired by a dream of Keebler Harville. The lumber used was cut and sawn from timber grown on the farm. By the time of Keebler’s death in 1946, the farm had grown to 2800 acres. More than just a landmark, the farm was self-sustaining for 10 families. It included a grist mill, saw mill, cotton gin, two story smoke-house, ice house, syrup house and a commissary. Keebler was the first in Bulloch County to sell peanuts commercially and picked peanuts commercially for other farmers from Blitchton to Claxton. He purchased the first corn snapper in the county.


     Harville Cemetery is located 1/4 mile west of the house.


Supported by the Jack N & Addie D. Averitt Foundation 

Harville House
Harville House
Harville House
Harville House
Harville House

The Bulloch County Historical Society’s historical markers are funded by the
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