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Historical Markers

Banks Dairy Farm

Location: Banks Dairy Road, NW of Nesmith Road, Statesboro, GA

County: Bulloch

Coordinates: 32.472648, -81.860254


Marker Type: Bulloch County Historical Society




     The Banks Dairy Farm was operated on this site and included 900 acres of cultivated land combined with dairying operations. David Callaway Banks, born April 8, 1882, in Bulloch County, Georgia, was the founder of Banks Dairy Farm and the City Dairy Company. D. C. Banks married Sarah Juliann Brannen in 1906 and in 1908 purchased the first part of what was to become Banks Dairy Farm. In 1932 D. C. Banks purchased an adjoining farm from his father-in-law, James Gross Brannen, dramatically expanding the farm. 

     The main concentration of the Banks Dairy Farm was dairy operations with most of the milk going to the family owned City Dairy Company. The farm also produced other livestock, wheat, cotton, tobacco, peanuts, watermelon and corn. 

     Each of the children of D. C. and Anna Banks performed specific jobs on the farm under the overall supervision of D. C. Osborne was in charge of the plant in town, Lonnie in charge of milking, Edwin in charge the feed crops, and Henry handled milk. Other children included Nina, Grace, Martha Ann and Bernard. The dairying operation of the farm ended in 1982 with the sale to Coble Dairy. 

Supported by the Jack N & Addie D. Averitt Foundation 

Banks Dairy Marker Installation
Banks Dairy, 1950s
Banks Dairy House

The Bulloch County Historical Society’s historical markers are funded by the
Jack N. & Addie D. Averitt Foundation.

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