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Skirmish at Statesboro

Location: Hwy 80 (611 Northside Drive West), Statesboro.

County: Bulloch

Coordinates: 32.461495, -81.791587

Dedicated: 1958 (original) Re-dedication: 2014

Marker Type: Georgia Historical Commission



Approaching Statesboro on Dec. 4, 1864, a strong party of mounted foragers from Hazen´s division, 15th Corps (USA), on th right of Gen. Sherman´s army on its destructive March to the Sea, was attacked by a detachment of Confederate cavalry and driven back to the protection of Hazen´s marching column.

The Seventieth Ohio Infantry (leading the union advance) deployed, fired a volley, and charged with the bayonet, driving the cavalry back through Statesboro and clearing the way for the advance. During this encounter, the Confederates lost 6 killed, 1 wounded, and 2 captured; Hazen lost 8 wounded and 27 captured, all from the foraging party.

GHM     016-7 Georgia Historical Commission     1958

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Skirmish at Statesboro

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